A complete solution for your retail formula
A large database, unique content and a strong logistic network gives you the opportunity to choose a complete solution that fits within your formula. XL Flor sources collections for multiple shelves or on the floor, offers product calendars, and a wide range that appeals to the low, mid and high end of the market. The right collection will be matched to the target group whilst the customer journey is filled in digitally. 

More than just beautiful flowers
It could be that a traditional wholesaler can’t always provide you with the support that you are looking for when it comes to trading in the fast-changing floriculture sector. The advice, information and high quality, fresh and trend-setting products are the main elements which XL Flor can support you. Your XL Flor contact person can advise you. Contact us without obligation.

Why choose XL Flor?
Thanks to years of experience in various aspects of flower auctions, XL Flor can guarantee a reliable and transparent method of trading. As a trader, we are a progressive player in the market and not only want the best for our partners, but also for the flowers, plants and accessories we work with.


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With knowledge of trends, communications and conceptual thinking, XL Flor offers you the necessary support in regards to marketing

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Thanks to a worldwide reach and an efficient logistics network, the delivery time is short and the reach is widespread.

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Our software works as a service. With this, you could for example view other detailed summaries, for example to gain insight into specific details of your market.

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XL Flor goes further than just the delivery of fresh, high quality flowers, plants and accessories. With our conceptual support, we help you look at further opportunities within the market.

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Inspiring, engaging content is essential in an online environment. Your formula will be fine-tuned towards your target group and age.

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